What does a bolt tattoo mean?

The SS Bolts are a common white supremacist/neo-Nazi symbol derived from Schutzstaffel (SS) of Nazi Germany. The SS, led by Heinrich Himmler, maintained the police state of Nazi Germany. … These variants of the SS bolts are most frequently associated with prison tattoos.

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In this way, what does a black lightning bolt mean?

Whether the lightning bolt in the battery icon on the status bar is black or white usually depends on how full the battery is to begin with. If the battery is mostly full and the icon is mostly white, the icon will look black. If the battery is mostly empty and icon is mostly black, the icon will look white.

Similarly, are lightning bolt tattoos bad? Lightning as Darkness

But with light comes darkness, and lightning bolt tattoos that are paired with a rain cloud tattoo can symbolize bad luck, misfortune, even despair. However, this can also represent the triumph of your will, breaking through the storm and emerging victorious.

In this regard, did the SS have tattoos?

SS blood group tattoos (German: Blutgruppentätowierung) were worn by members of the Waffen-SS in Nazi Germany during World War II to identify the individual’s blood type. After the war, the tattoo was taken to be prima facie evidence of being part of the Waffen-SS, leading to potential arrest and prosecution.

What does battery symbol with lightning bolt mean?

The lightning bolt across the battery icon on the main menu screen means that the device is plugged into an external power source. If you remove the device from the power source the lightning bolt will disappear, leaving only the battery icon.

What does the lightning bolt mean next to a website?

The Meaning behind the Lightning Bolt Icon

The lightning bolt is meant to indicate speed of course. It’s no doubt that Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and virtually every other major web platform have found that mobile users hate waiting for content to load.

What does the lightning bolt mean on Tumblr?

If you’ve subscribed to a blog, you’ll see a small lightning bolt next to the person-shaped icon when you view that blog. To stop notifications, tap or click the person-shaped icon again and tap “Stop notifications.” If you unfollow a blog, you will no longer be subscribed and notifications will stop.

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