What does a rose tattoo behind the ear mean?

Behind-the-Ear Tattoo Ideas

Roses can mean romance, love, and passion or they can be a way to remember a loved one. A rose tattoo behind the ear is a very intimate way to dedicate a tattoo to someone you love.

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Keeping this in view, what does the cross behind the ear mean?

A small tattoo below and slightly behind an ear used to mean depending upon left or right a sexual agenda. Touching behind the ears can at times bring that tingling sensation and having a tattoo permanently behind the ears can also be an anchor for beautiful memories.

Also know, how bad is a tattoo behind the ear? When getting a tattoo behind your ear, you’re dealing with an area where the skin is very thin. … Getting inked behind the ear is one of the most painful areas of the body to choose. The tattoo artist also plays a role in how much pain you feel. If they’re heavy-handed, you’ll feel more pain.

Furthermore, how do you prepare a tattoo behind your ear?

Observe good hygiene. Take a shower and wear clean, comfortable clothes to your appointment. Getting a tattoo is an intimate experience and being clean for your appointment can help prevent potential infection and not offend your artist. Wash your hair and use a gentle cloth to clean behind your ear.

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