What does Cheryl Coles hand tattoo mean?

Meaning: The right hand of Cheryl has got a Polynesian Maori style tribal tattoo, and it is one of her favorite tattoos. Even though this tattoo does not have any particular meaning and seems like an abstract, the star says that it defines a new beginning for her and it also stands for letter ‘C’.

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Besides, what tattoos does Cheryl Cole have?

Cheryl Cole has had at least 8 known tattoos:

  • butterfly, tribal design on her lower back (covered-up)
  • rose on her butt (covered-up)
  • rose on her butt.
  • barbed wire, rose, treble clef, vines on her thigh.
  • name on her neck.
  • tribal design on the side of her hand.
  • heart on her knuckle.
  • swirl, unalome on her sternum.
Considering this, who did Cheryl’s rose tattoo? endured 15 hours of agony — emerged in 2013. The design, by US artist Nikko Hurtado, came after Cheryl had a rose done on her lower back to hide the insect.

One may also ask, who is Ashley Cole dating?

Ashley Cole’s girlfriend Sharon Canu turned ex-Chelsea and Arsenal ace from villain to devoted dad after Cheryl divorce.

Who is Cheryl Cole dating?

Liam Payne
Years active 2002–present
Television Popstars: The Rivals The X Factor The Greatest Dancer
Spouse(s) Ashley Cole ? ? ( m. 2006; div. 2010)? Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini ? ? ( m. 2014; decree nisi 2016)?
Partner(s) Liam Payne (2016–2018)

What is Cheryl Cole worth?

Cheryl Cole Net Worth: Cheryl Cole is an English recording artist, dancer and television personality who has a net worth of $40 million.

Does Cheryl smoke?

Cheryl Cole

The singer is known to have been a big fan of menthol cigarettes, and it’s bad news for Chez if she’s still not kicked her smoking habit.

Does Cheryl Cole regret tattoo?

Cheryl has confessed that her famous bum tattoo cost the same as a small car. … However, while many thought the former Girls Aloud songstress might come to regret the outsized tattoo, she has revealed nothing could be further for the truth.

How much was Cheryl Cole’s tattoo?

Cheryl Cole’s infamous rose bum tattoo not only put her through 55 hours of pain – it also cost her a whopping £14,000. The Geordie unveiled her garish new inking – which covers her entire bottom, lower back and top of her thighs – last month.

Does Cheryl Cole have Instagram?

Cheryl Cole (@cheryl_cole_x) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is Liam’s girlfriend 2020?

Liam Payne engaged to girlfriend Maya Henry as model flashes £3m diamond ring. Liam Payne is engaged to girlfriend Maya Henry after two years of dating.

Who is the father of Cheryl Coles baby?

2016-2018: Liam Payne

After what was the worst kept pregnancy secret of the decade, Cheryl and Liam welcomed a baby boy into the world in March 2017, settling on the name Bear Grey Payne.

What’s Cheryl Cole doing now?

Her next role is a judge on new BBC show, The Greatest Dancer. At home, Cheryl is the proud mum to her son Bear, who she shares with ex-boyfriend Liam Payne of One Direction fame.

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