What does David Beckham’s tattoo say?

David Beckham’s right hand tattoos

He wears “Victoria” in cursive across the hand beside a hummingbird and above the words “Dream Big Be Unrealistic,” inspired by Jay-Z lyrics. Beneath these words are the words “My Love.” Below the hummingbird is the number “32,” Beckham’s jersey number when he played for Milan.

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Then, who does David Beckham’s tattoos?

Louis Molloy

Likewise, people ask, why does Beckham have Brooklyn tattoo? Meaning: Brooklyn got this tattoo to show his love for his father, David Beckham. Brooklyn calls his dad, Bust as he is called Buster by David.

Similarly one may ask, how many tattoos does Victoria Beckham have?


What does a 99 tattoo mean?

People who have a 1999 birth year tattoo design believe that they are here on the earth for a special purpose. To get a 1999 birth year tattoo design means that they have a purpose to solve in life and it comes as a mission that you must serve with utmost care and affection.

Why does Beckham have so many tattoos?

The soccer star ‘David Beckham‘ is no stranger to tattoo parlors, and by now the superstar has as many tats on his body as years on the clock. … Most of his tattoos are a tribute to his beloved wife and children.

What are Justin Bieber’s tattoos?

Justin Bieber Tattoo Guide And Meanings

  • The Eye Cross.
  • ‘Purpose’
  • Roman numerals.
  • The crown.
  • The cross.
  • The Yeshua.
  • The seagull.
  • ‘Forgive’

Does Romeo Beckham have a tattoo?

In the new image, Romeo was showing off a previously unseen tattoo on his forearm of what appeared to be two cherubs, hot of the heels of showing off his first tattoo in January this year, when he displayed an eagle on his legs.

Did Brooklyn Beckham get a face tattoo?

Brooklyn Beckham has revealed his new face tattoo as he showed his love for fiancee Nicola Peltz. … Brooklyn has added to his tattoo collection with the words ‘True Love’ above his right eye.

Does Brooklyn Beckham have tattoos?

On his stomach Brooklyn has a tattoo of the nickname David gave him when he was a baby. Just above his belly button is the word “Buster”. It sits just below a large angel tattoo he has there.

Did Victoria Beckham remove her tattoo?

While she has proudly displayed on the red carpet over the years, Beckham has spent the last few years lasering her tattoos. … On her sixth wedding anniversary, the mother of four got a back tatto that ran down in a vertical line.

Which Spice Girl has a butterfly tattoo?

The singer, whose real name is Melanie Brown, shared photos with The Sun, showing off the new tattoo on her right forearm. It reads, “Love me or leave me alone” and includes a cute illustration of an owl. Her boyfriend Guy Madatyan got the same tattoo on his forearm, but replaced the owl with a butterfly.

Which Spice Girl has tattoos?

Mel C

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