What gauge is a triple forward helix piercing?

16 Gauge

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Secondly, what size needle is used for helix piercing?

16G (1.2mm) A 16G needle is used for most cartilage piercings, including the tragus, helix, rook, conch and daith.
Simply so, can I get a triple forward helix piercing? The triple forward helix piercing is located on the upper ear cartilage closest to the head. The three punctures form a line down this ridge and can be adorned either by studs or rings. Read more about standard forward helix piercings.

Accordingly, can you use a piercing gun to pierce your forward helix?

It’s difficult to say just how much this piercing is going to hurt. … Make sure your piercer is using a needle to pierce your forward helix and not a piercing gun. Needles are faster, less painful, and sterile. There are too many parts of a piercing gun that cannot be sterilized and that may lead to infection later on.

When can I put a hoop in my Helix?

Most piercing points suggest 4 to 6 weeks for changing cartilage but it’s better to wait at least 8 to 10 weeks.

Can I put a 14g in a 16g piercing?

14g jewelry is larger than 16g jewelry, but you might be able to fit it. Yes, you can stretch you piercing to a 14g just make sure that the jewelry that you’re buying is suitable for a freshly stretching piercing.

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