What is Sorbolene made of?

It is the same ingredient that makes up the majority of petroleum jellies and baby oils. Most Sorbolene products contain between 40 and 60 percent mineral oils, with the next largest ingredient being water. The high oil content makes the product linger on the surface of the skin rather than being immediately absorbed.

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Moreover, is Sorbolene good for your skin?

Sorbolene cream is a moisturising cream that acts as a barrier to the skin. After suffering many years with dermatitis, I found Sorbolene cream to have many more uses than merely a body lotion. It is especially good for repairing dry and damaged skin and was recommended to me by my dermatologist.

Beside above, can you be allergic to Sorbolene? The study of more than 5,000 people presenting to dermatology clinics in NSW and Victoria with skin problems found that two per cent were allergic to the preservative chloroacetamide, found in Redwin Sorbolene Lotion, a top-selling moisturiser.

Similarly one may ask, is Sorbolene as good as soap?

It is suitable for use on the hands, face and body. It is a popular alternative to soap and makes an ideal make up remover. Being a pure moisturiser that is lipid free and non-alkaline makes sorbolene ideal for the most sensitive of skin.

Does Sorbolene cause pimples?

Poor skin care can also trigger adult acne. It’s important to use the right products for your skin, especially as you age. If you have acne prone skin, avoid pore clogging oils, sorbolene, and heavy creams.

Can you use Sorbolene as a body wash?

Sorbolene cream makes a good body wash for many people. Usually it stored on the shop shelf with the moisturisers section of the chemist/pharmacy or supermarket.

Is Sorbolene good for hair?

Sorbolene is an excellent moisturiser – it attracts water towards the hair and softens the hold factor of the mousse so your hair is free to move as you walk.” And if you’re going to dry your hair, try a normal floor fan heater, and dry your hair next to it. Don’t touch the hair, just let it go.

Is Sorbolene good for eczema?

If you can, use ointments (which tend to be more effective than creams or lotions) if you have very dry skin. Ointments such as emulsifying ointment are greasier and harder to apply, but good for very dry or scaly areas and tend not to sting. Creams that can be effective include aqueous cream and sorbolene cream.

Is Sorbolene cream hypoallergenic?

David Craig Sorbolene Creams are ideal for people of all ages. Non-greasy and fast absorbing. Hypoallergenic and pH balanced. Free of colour, perfume and lanolin.

Is Sorbolene hypoallergenic?

Hence, Australian Pure Sorbolene can be regarded as hypoallergenic.

Can you shave with Sorbolene?

I first tried using Redwin Sorbolene as a lather to shave about 6 months ago, and I have never had an occurrence of shaving rash since. … This is the first product I have found that relieves facial rash after shaving, and I use it exclusively now.

Is aqueous cream the same as Sorbolene?

Aqueous Cream BP, also known as sorbolene, is a light, hydrocarbon-based emulsion, which is officially registered in the British Pharmacopoeia and categorised by the British National Formulary as a non-proprietary emollient preparation.

Is Sorbolene good for scars?

The area around the scar may feel numb or have altered sensation or may even be painful. Gentle massage helps reduce this sensitivity. Use non-perfumed creams such as sorbolene cream, Vitamin E or Bio-oil.

Is Sorbolene safe for newborns?

Moisturisers, such as Sorbolene, Aqueous cream or Paraffin are good because they are free from fragrances and plant extracts. Thicker creams and ointments are better than lotions. Nappy rash is a sore, red rash in the nappy area, caused by your baby’s sensitive skin becoming irritated.

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