What is the Maya tree?

The Ceiba tree (Ceiba pentandra and also known as the kapok or silk-cotton tree) is a tropical tree native to North and South America and Africa. In Central America, the ceiba had great symbolic importance to the ancient Maya, and its name in the Mayan language is Yax Che (“Green Tree” or “First Tree”).

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Keeping this in consideration, where do ceiba trees grow?

Ceiba trees grow in both wet evergreen and dry semi-deciduous tropical forests. Ceiba pentandra is native throughout the American tropics, from Mexico through Central America and south to Peru, Bolivia and Brazil, as well as in West Africa. All other members of the genus only occur in the neotropics.

In this way, how do you pronounce yaxche?

Beside this, what is Wacah Chan?

Wacah Chan is a Mayan word for the world tree which in their view represents the milky way galaxy. … This axis mundi represented by a sacred ceiba tree was a way for the dead and the gods to travel between the worlds.

What does the Ceiba represent to the Mayans?

You are a cosmic tree which roots can touch the sky and eternity. You are a tree of life that represents the creation of the universe. You are a symbol of geometry for the Mayan civilization and a sacred door between heaven, earth and the underworld.

What is the tree of life in Hinduism?

Hinduism. According to Hindu mythological sources, the divine Tree of Life is known as Kalpavriksha Kalpavruksham. It is guarded by divine beings known as gandharvas. The sacred tree, resplendent in gold, is known for its mesmerizing aura.

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