What jewelry can go in a rook piercing?

? Rook Piercing Fast Facts ?

JEWELRY: Curved barbells, cartilage hoops, flat back stud earrings.

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Keeping this in consideration, what piercings look good with Rook?

Rook + Auricle

With the addition of the auricle piercing, it’ll get the attention it deserves. The auricle always gets people and then they’ll stay to stare at the beauty of your rook piercing.

Correspondingly, what gauge is Rook piercing?

Gauge 16g (1.2mm)
Bar Length 6mm – 8mm
Inner Diameter 6mm – 8mm

In this regard, do Claire’s do Rook piercings?

Silver Fireball Rook Piercing Earring | Claire’s.

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