What side do guys get their nipple pierced?

There is no particular meaning or significance to whether you get your left, right or both nipples pierced. Piercing the nipple can increase sensation and sensitivity, and some men do get pierced for this reason. Others merely enjoy the visual appearance, or the sense of customizing their body.

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One may also ask, what to Expect When getting nipple piercings?

Your nipples may bleed for the first week and you can expect them to be incredibly sore. You’ll quickly realize how often your nipple lightly brushes random things — because it’s going to hurt. It will get crusty and require daily cleaning.

Likewise, how bad do nipple piercings hurt for guys? Nipple Piercings Hurt. Obviously. Dowdell says this is one of the more painful piercings in existence, because men have lots of nerve endings in the nipples and therefore heightened sensitivity. However, the pain ends once the piercing is done—assuming your piercer is a pro.

Beside this, which side do straight guys wear earrings?


Do nipple piercings go off in airports?

If revealing your piercings during travel is unacceptable, wear nonmetallic jewelry. Quality metal body jewelry is non-ferromagnetic and will not set off the large walk-through metal detectors. … You can still wear your metal piercing jewelry when you travel, and the TSA will not ask you to remove them.

How long after nipple piercing can you play with them?

Ideally you should wait until your nipples are fully healed before doing any type of nipple play. It is important to wait through the entirety of the healing process because until 9-12 months your body has not finished developing fistulas.

Does your nipple stay hard when you get it pierced?

Nipple Erection/Hardness

You might have heard stories about nipples staying hard once they‘re pierced, but this doesn’t always happen. They may stay erect for a while, but once your body gets used to the piercings, your nipples will more than likely relax.

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