When did Nicki Minaj get her Chinese tattoo?


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In this regard, what dies Nicki Minaj tattoo say?

“My tattoo is Chinese!” Nicki said excitedly before pulling down her jacket and showing them the tattoo. “Do you know how to read it?” One of the three fans walked closer and read the writing before she looked at the camera and translated it to English: “It means God will be with you.”

Beside above, what does Cardi B tattoo mean? Instagram / @iamcardib. 1 Comment. Cardi B has the name “Tommy G” tattooed on her left wrist in red ink for her on-and-off again boyfriend/fiancee who is in prison. She has explained that not being able to see him everyday makes their relationship deeper than just sex.

In this manner, what does Rihanna’s Arabic tattoo say?

Rihanna has an Arabic tattoo on the left side of her ribcage which says “Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh.” It translates to “Freedom in God.” (more…)

Does Beyonce tattoo?

Beyoncé Knowles has an “IV” tattoo on her left ring finger which is a matching tattoo with her husband Jay-Z. The tattoo has many meanings for the couple. IV is the Roman Numeral for the number four. … Additionally Beyoncé’s mother has a birthday on January 4th.

How many tattoos does Kylie Jenner have?

In total, the reality star has eight tiny tattoos, including two matching Stormi’s dad Travis Scott and one for ex-boyfriend Tyga, which she had reworked when they broke up. Below, see all of Kylie Jenner’s tattoos and their meanings.

Is Nicki Minaj Chinese?

Nicki’s Mixed Ethnicity

Nicki was born in Trinidad and Tobago to her Afro-Trinidadian Mother and Indo-Trinidadian Father. Nicki embraces her Indian roots; she enjoys chicken curry and donates to support an Indian village.

Did Cardi B change her tattoo?

On Monday, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper showed off her updated peacock ink on Instagram, revealing the latest intricate details that tattoo artist Jamie Schene added onto her body this week. “So after 10 years I gave my peacock tattoo a makeover,” Cardi captioned the side by side image.

Did Cardi B cover her tattoo?

And on the right, Cardi’s new tattoo is on full display. The “Be Careful” star had her tattoo artist cover up the “Samuel” tattoo with a bright, multicolored butterfly—and while it doesn’t *completely* cover up every part of her old tat, it’s still seriously stunning.

How many tattoos does Beyonce have?


What does Kylie Jenner’s tattoo say?


Why did Beyonce remove her hip tattoo?

When she was 21, Bey had an angel she painted herself tattooed on her left hip, which likely symbolized her religious faith. Though the ink was Beyoncé’s own work of art, she immediately regretted her decision and started the process of removing it right away. RELATED: Has Beyoncé Ever Had Plastic Surgery?

What does Kylie Jenner butt tattoo?

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