When should I downsize my lobe piercing?

Your downsize is generally scheduled for anywhere between 2 – 8 weeks after having the piercing done, and in this time that channel won’t be entirely formed just yet and very, very delicate.

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Likewise, people ask, do you need to downsize lobe piercings?

Once the piercing is more established, swelling is down and its producing less crust to clean, downsizing to a good fit is essential. That longer initial bar is prone to getting caught, snagged, and slept on, which can cause irritation bumps, migration, and other issues.

Hereof, does downsizing a piercing hurt? Something that often gets forgotten by clients is the step of downsizing your jewellery. … Yes, this length may be slightly irritating, its a necessary evil to prevent jewellery from embedding into the tissue. That jewellery looks rather long yes, but we took that straight after the piercing took place.

Similarly one may ask, can a piercing hole shrink?

If a piercing is fully healed, you’ve had the jewelry in place for longer than a year, and you take the jewelry out, chances are very good that the hole will shrink, but not close completely and look as if it were never there. You will likely always see a small divot where the jewelry was placed in the skin.

How do I know if my barbell is too long?

The extra length of the barbell allows for discharge and swelling. If the piercing becomes painful and the balls at the end of the barbell look like they are “dimpling” this is a strong indication that you need a longer barbell immediately.

How much does it cost to downsize a piercing?

You will want to eventually downsize your new piercing to the apropriate length for wearing in a healed piercing. Some piercings may require two downsizes. This cost is usually no more than 25 dollars depending on what the piercing is and this topic will be discussed at length the day of your new piercing.

Can you fix an angled piercing?

If a piercing is done incorrectly or heals poorly, it sometimes needs to be re-pierced. It’s a simple solution, but it’s a lengthy one. You need to wait until the piercing closes over and heals to get it pierced again. If you pierce it again to soon, you‘ll end up with the same problem again.

When should I downsize my Medusa Piercing?

The philtrum takes an average of two to three months to heal and the starter jewelry should stay in for the first two months of being pierced. If there are no problems in the healing process a piercer might change this out to a smaller labret stud, something that has a tighter fit.

Can you change your own cartilage piercings?

Most piercing points suggest 4 to 6 weeks for changing cartilage but it’s better to wait at least 8 to 10 weeks. It also depends on how many times your ear is infected. When you feel fully safe then you can change your cartilage piercing, you can change them with small size earrings.

When should I change my cartilage earring?

The initial piece of jewelry that the piercer puts in your cartilage piercing should not be changed for at least 4 to 6 months. If you want to avoid the prolonging of the healing time, then you should stick to the same jewelry for the said amount of time.

How long should a helix earring be?

As a helix is typically one of the first cartilage piercings most people get, labrets and barbells are commonly used in this area of the ear. The bar length you need will depend on your skin thickness and piercing location, recommended lengths are usually 6mm or 8mm.

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