Why do tribes stretch their ears?

Asian Hill Tribes

The Lahu and Karen-Padaung Tribes stretch their lobes and wear intricate jewelry in their multiple ear piercings because they believe that the ears are the most sacred part of the body. In present day, ear stretching is reserved for married women and seen as a sign of beauty.

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Thereof, how do African tribes stretch their ears?

The Masai peoples would stretch their piercings by using larger and larger pieces of stone, wood, tusk, thorn and more recently, sometimes even film canisters. The older members of the tribe often had more stretched out piercings than younger members, since safe stretching can take many years.

Similarly one may ask, why do the Maasai stretch their earlobes? The Maasai also stretch their earlobes using stone, wood, and bones. … Traditionally, both men and women stretched their earlobes, because long, stretched lobes were seen as a symbol of wisdom and respect.

Similarly, what culture started ear stretching?

Ancient Egypt

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