Can you get a job with a tongue piercing?

Any position that has authority and responsibility should not be permitted to wear facial and tongue piercings – at least while on the job; they are too casual and diminish the person’s responsibility and authority, and sometimes their safety.

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Also to know is, can an employer refuse to hire you because you wear a tongue stud?

Illegal Discrimination

If a company fails to hire you simply because of your ethnicity, race, religion or sexual proclivity, you have a discrimination case. However, tattoo and body piercing discrimination isn’t illegal.

Likewise, can you paralyze your tongue by piercing it? Nerve Injury

The tongue is supplied by the hypoglossal nerve and the lingual branch of the trigeminal nerve. These nerves can be damaged during piercing and permanent paralysis of the tongue can occur.

Beside above, do tongue piercings feel good for head?

So, if you’re thinking of getting a tongue piercing purely to improve your tekkers, think again. Giving, the afterthought: According to an anonymous fella on reddit, “women with tongue rings are generally more enthusiastic about giving head”- I can’t cope with the visual of a woman SUPER EXCITED about giving head.

What can you not do after getting your tongue pierced?

On the flip side, don’t:

  • use tongue scrapers.
  • play with your jewelry.
  • engage in french kissing or oral sex until the piercing has completely healed.
  • play contact sports with your jewelry in your tongue.
  • smoke or drink alcohol during the healing process.

Can my employer make me take out my nose ring?

An employer does have the right to set standards for appearance and dress within the practice while an employee is on duty and working. An employer can enforce these standards by forbidding the employee to wear the nose ring or requiring the person to remove it while on the clock.

Can my employer ask me to cover tattoos?

A policy may require employees to cover up visible tattoos or remove or cover piercings. … Even if a dress code on tattoos or piercings indirectly discriminates against employees of a particular faith, an employer may be able to defend a claim by showing that they have objective justification for the policy.

Can a job turn you down for having tattoos?

There are no current laws that prohibit employers from discriminating against people with visible tattoos.

What do dentists think of tongue piercings?

A tongue piercing is a popular way of self-expression but most dentists will tell you oral piercings are not the best way to express your individuality.

Do tongue piercings ruin your teeth?

Unfortunately, yes. A tongue piercing can cause damage to teeth. Piercings are usually hard metal, which inside the mouth can cause damage. Biting down onto the piercing or playing with it can result in scratching or chipping teeth, as well as increased tooth sensitivity.

Do tongue piercings ruin your taste buds?

There can be permanent nerve damage or inflammation at the piercing site. Some people even lose some of their taste buds because of the damage the piercing had done to the tongue. It is even possible for a piercing parlor to damage the tongue to the point of permanent numbness.

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