Do purple tattoos fade fast?

Purple can lose its intensity over time quicker than black or blue. White ink tattoos glow in ultraviolet light, and are most suited for pale and freckle-free skin. They tend to fade faster and look more subtle, but may look like scars if done incorrectly.

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In respect to this, is purple a good tattoo color?

Light purple tattoos go very well on any skin type and can be easily mixed with other colors. … Colors that go well with light shades of purple are yellow, silver, and orange. For classic combination, light purple and black can go very well together.

Consequently, what tattoo ink is best for dark skin? Since you have a moderate amount of melanin that will be hanging out with your ink in the dermis layer of your skin, you’re going to want to go darker — blue, black, red, and purple are usually best. The medium brown of your skin also goes better with green than other skin tones.

Also, can purple tattoo ink be removed?

Purple is the easiest color to remove followed by blue. Here is a great example of the purple and blue ink completely removed after just ONE session.

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