Should I get my ears pierced at the mall?

For example, most mall piercing facilities use piercing guns to get the job done quickly and affordably. … As a result, the risk of infection is much higher when you get an ear piercing at the mall than it would be if you went to a professional. Professionals are trained to pierce your ears carefully and accurately.

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Also, who pierce ears in Montgomery Alabama?

Best ear piercing in Montgomery, AL

  • Outlaw Custom Tattoo. 3.9 mi. 6 reviews. Piercing, Tattoo. …
  • Miguel The Piercer. 0.9 mi. Piercing. 1556 Ann St, Montgomery, AL 36107. …
  • Halcyon Tattoo Studio. 5.5 mi. 2 reviews. …
  • Oni Ink Tattoos & Piercing. 1.8 mi. Tattoo. …
  • Tattoos by Southern & Body Piercing. 13.5 mi. Tattoo. …
  • Ink Factor. 12.3 mi. 9 reviews.
Also to know is, where is the best place to get your ears pierced? Although most mall kiosks disinfect their tools, you can’t actually sterilize a piercing gun because they are made of plastic. Piercing guns are also less exact and can damage your earlobe. It might seem intimating, but best place to get your ears pierced is actually a tattoo parlor.

Furthermore, how much does an earlobe piercing cost?

Piercing Type Piercing Fee Jewelry starting price
Earlobe(Single) $25 Starts at $38+Tax
Earlobe(Pair) $50 Starts at $76+Tax
Navel $30 Starts at $49+Tax
Nipple(Single) $30 Starts at $38+Tax

Why is Claire’s ear piercing bad?

Using piercing guns, like at Claire’s, causes massive trauma to the skin and flesh as instead of a hollow, sharp needle, the ear is pierced with a solid and fairly blunt earring, forced through the ear at speed. This can cause a lot of scarring, and the ear will take longer to heal.

What hurts more needle or gun piercing for ear?

Does getting your ears pierced with a needle hurt more than a gun? No, you don’t hurt more with a needle because needles are very sharp and the best for body piercing. It doesn’t damage your skin and make healing easier and faster, while a gun damages your skin tissues and makes healing more lengthy and painful.

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